Lana Hart
Paintings in Acrylics and Photography

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Oh,Lana-so inspirtional! Yes, you are blessed with a gift that brings joy! Joan
Joan Natan - 2 Feb 2013
l like flowers , beautiful and like the site
Sharon Gillis - 9 Jan 2013
Lana these are stunning paintings. I wish you could see some of Susan Porter's work. She is in Montreal....I will see if I can send you some of her work or find a website.xxxx
Arlene - 18 Feb 2012
nice work.
mullerjeanfrancois - 11 Apr 2010
Great website! So many more paintings that I didn't know about until seeing your website! Wonderful work! You have given your all for us with the Arts Council - we will dearly miss you ! You deserve all the joy there is to catch in any new endeavors you pursue!
Angie Bismeyer - 7 Nov 2009
Impressive display - particularly the Sunday Stroll and Stonework of Inchigeelah.
Kevin Lynch - 9 Apr 2009
Très Bonne Année 2008 !!!
Simon Mauclert - 4 Jan 2008
Incredible works and site Always knew you were more than a pretty face of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on you and thanks so much for sharing.
D Weller - 10 Dec 2007
beautiful, beautiful work. I especially love the Irish series. and the flowers... and the italian series....
Alexis MacPherson - 11 Oct 2007
Your websit and its contents are wonderful! A truly great gift/s you have...I look forward to more -- bigger and better even...
Maureen Sutherland - 28 Aug 2007
Merveilleux! Bravissima!
Joan Schreiber - 4 Jun 2007
I am impressed Lana, what a great web-site. Well done.
Maggie Bernet - 8 May 2007
Karen Lehane - 1 May 2007
I just looked briefly at your web site, Lana. I particularly liked the paintings that I looked at that portrayed Ireland. Haven't had an opportunity to look at everything, yet. I like the site . . . The Imperial Wizard!!
Firth Bateman - 1 May 2007
Totally awesome - the range, the depth! My only wish would be that some of the pieces be of a larger size. You have some that I adore, but can't use if they're only 8"x8", being in a small apartment and having to avoid a "bitsy" style that I wouldn't have had to contend with when I was in a house. Still- Bravo! You are a gifted artist, as I'm sure the artistic community in Delta and well further beyond is well aware. I hope to be added to your mailing list
Karen Lehane - 30 Apr 2007
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